MoonSecure Mobilizer

MoonSecure Mobilizer is the ultimate choice for forensic people to dig deep down in to Smart Phones, Tablets and IoT abnormal network activities.

It has the capabilities to understand and analyze more than 200 popular protocols and present investigators with live (realtime) and historical data up to 30 days for unlimited number of devices under investigation.

The network behavior analytic engine is update very frequently to stay up-to-date with changing protocols: Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram … Unknown protocols and connections will be pin pointed quickly.

Major Features:

  • Details connections live/historical for 200+ protocols
  • Network activities by country
  • Network activities by domain names
  • Network activities by TLS/SSL certificates
  • Network activities by source/destination IP Addressses
  • Act as and Access Point
  • Portable and good for field usage
  • Low energy appliance
  • Intuitive GUI